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Madisun Hodges

Tattoo Artist and Owner of June Lake Tattoo


Having grown up in the Eastern Sierra, I have really grown to love the outdoors. Because of my love for the outdoors, I really enjoy tattooing anything nature based, as well as, mandalas and cover-ups. My favorite styles to tattoo are blackwork illustrations, watercolor, dotwork or any combination of them. Although I am able to tattoo other things, they are not my specialty and you may want to consider a different artist for the job. Regardless you can always inquire about a tattoo to see if we are a good fit!


Furthermore, through my personal tattoo journey I have learned there is a lot more to tattooing than our modern society recognizes. The modern term for this tattoo practice is called Intentional Tattooing. What does that mean? To me, that means your tattoos tell your story. Tattoos that make you feel more like yourself.


In addition, tattoos can help you heal. And you should have a connection with the art that fills your skin cells. Being tattooed is an everlasting experience so make it count.


If you don’t know where or how to start this process come talk to me! I have been studying the ways many cultures and tattoo artists are using symbolism and applying it to tattooing. I specifically have been researching the symbolism of color, nature, and numerology.  Hence why I prefer tattooing nature and mandalas as well as watercolor, blackwork illustrations, and dotwork.


In addition to the symbolism, I have been studying methods of energy work and meditation. These can be used to amplify the experience even further. Really allowing you to drop in and be part of the tattoo experience. Allowing your body to sit with the pain and feel the energy of the symbol that will permanently mark your body. 


Does this sound like something you are interested in? I hope so! Please mention in your tattoo submission that you are interested in an Intentional Tattoo and we can discuss how that process will look for you. Each person and tattoo is different and a plan will be made according to the individual circumstances. Making your tattoo intentional will be of no additional cost. I would be honored to practice this technique with you. Intentional work will not be applied without the client permission. 


  I want to tell your story with my art! Thank you for reading this all the way through and I hope one day we can work together! 


Love and light,  

Madisun Hodges


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