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Tattoo Aftercare

Thank you for getting tattooed at June Lake Tattoo. If you want your new tattoo to look good for a long time, it’s important that you start taking care of it correctly from the very beginning. The healing process is also important because your tattoo is susceptible to infection at this point in time and needs to be managed properly for best results.  The following steps will help you properly care for you new tattoo:

Caring for Tattoo with Saniderm:

  1. Keep saniderm on for 24-72 hours. Please remove saniderm if edges start to peel off and allow in air or water. Without the air tight seal the saniderm is not able to work properly. If the saniderm comes loose, please contact your tattoo artist so a new piece can be applied.

  2. Keep areas around saniderm and new tattoo clean. Saniderm is washable and it is encouraged to rinse the area with soap and water to provide additional cleanliness to the area. There is no need to scrub the saniderm. 

  3. Remove the saniderm after 24-72 hours.  The newly exposed tattoo should be cleaned immediately after removal of the Saniderm. When removing, I recommend doing so in the shower because the hot water aids in taking off the saniderm and cleans the tattoo immediately. Antibacterial, unscented soaps recommended. 

  4. After you have cleaned the tattoo, allow it to fully dry before adding moisturizer. 

  5. Once the tattoo has dried apply a thin layer of tattoo goo or unscented lotion to your new tattoo. If the moisturizer is seeping through your clothes you are most likely applying too much moisturizer. Over moisturizing the tattoo can result in scabbing and heat rashes.   

  6. Apply moisturizer regularly throughout the day. This will vary depending on what moisturizer you choose to use. 

  7. It is recommended to keep your new tattoo out of the sun for at least 2 weeks after taking off the saniderm. Your skin is still very new and sensitive. Protecting your tattoos from the sun will also help with the overall longevity of your tattoos. 

  8. If infection occurs with your tattoo, please let your tattoo artist know and seek help from a medical professional. 

  9. Enjoy your new tattoo!

Caring for Tattoo Naturally:

  1. Once you are in a clean environment, remove the bandage or wrap from the tattooed area. This should be within the first 12 hours of being tattooed. 

  2. Clean your new tattoo with antiseptic, non-scented soap. Dial soap is usually a common used soap. 

  3. Once the tattoo is clean, allow the tattoo to dry before applying a non- scented moisturizer. This is important because if too much moisture is locked under the skin your tattoo could start scabbing or you could get a heat rash. You can even go as far as not applying moisturizer until the tattoo has stopped seeping. 

    1. If you get a heat rash, stop moisturizing until it goes away. 

    2. If you start to scab, DO NOT PICK THE SCAB. Once the scab has dried out, continue to moisturize regularly and allow the scab to fall off naturally. 

  4. Continue to moisturize and clean your tattoo regularly. This will be different from person to person. If you have dry skin you may find yourself moisturizing multiple times a day or vise versa you may only need one application of moisturizer a day. Regardless it is recommended to clean your tattoo at least once a day or after being in a dirty environment. 

  5. This healing process can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks to complete. During this time keep your tattoo clean, out of the sun and away from hot tubs, hot springs, pools, and the ocean. 

  6. Enjoy your new tattoo!

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