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What do you like to tattoo?

I really like tattooing anything nature based; flowers, trees, mountains, animals. I also really enjoy tattooing mandalas and adding geometric aspects to my work. 


What are your favorite styles of tattooing?

My favorite styles to tattoo are illustrative blackwork, watercolor and dotwork or a combination of any all of them. 


What do you not like to tattoo?

I do not like tattooing Celtic, portraits, horror, scary, Japanese traditional or buildings. However, if you would still like me to do a piece with one of these aspects, I will do my best to give you what you want. 

Do you do finger tattoos?

Yes, I will do finger tattoos. However, finger tattoos heal very differently from person to person and I cannot guarantee that your finger tattoo will heal well. Because of this reason, I do not do free touch-ups on finger tattoos. If you come in for a future tattoo I will touch up a finger tattoo, free of charge, as long as I was the one who did the initial tattoo. 


Can I bring my baby/ kid?

No. It is illegal for me to have anyone under the age of 18 in the tattoo procedure area.


Can I bring my dog/ pet?

No. It is illegal for me to have animals in my shop because they do not meet the sanitation requirements. 


Can I bring a friend/ family/ guests?

I would prefer you didn’t bring a guest unless you are getting matching tattoos with that person or they are somehow involved in the tattoo. I believe the tattoo process is a very personal experience and an individual should take the time and space for themselves on the day of the tattoo in order to receive the full effects of the tattoo. Usually another person is a distraction to the process. However, if you need that person there to feel more comfortable, I would like to know ahead of time so I can mentally prepare for it. 


How do you price your tattoos?

I charge $150/hr after the first hour. The first hour is covered by the required $200 deposit. Please let me know if you have a budget or would like a price estimate during the initial consultation.  


What is your minimum?

I have a $200 minimum. If you are wanting small tattoos. I will do up to three small tattoos for the minimum. The size of the tattoos is up to the artist's discretion and the artist will determine what “small” is. 


Do you do piercings?

No piercings. June Lake Tattoo is a private tattoo studio with only one tattoo artist. 


When can I see my design?

I do design work the day of the tattoo appointment unless I need to work on it beforehand. I do not send any designs beforehand unless changes can't be made the day of. Usually it is very easy to make changes the day of the appointment. Some of my tattoos are drawn on and I will only be able to provide you with a concept sketch. I understand this method requires a lot of trust and is not for everyone. This is the best way that works for me and the best outcome of your tattoo. 

What if I no call, no show?

I have zero tolerance for no calls, no shows and if you do so I will not work with you in the future. When you no call, no show, not only am I losing an entire day of work but you are also wasting my time. If you aren’t going to be there and I can’t get anyone in at the last minute, I would rather know so I can plan my day instead of waiting around for you to not show up. 


What happens if I cancel?

If you cancel with enough notice (usually at least 2 weeks prior to appointment) and I am able to reschedule, there will be no penalty for the first cancellation. If you cancel within two weeks of your appointment, you will lose your deposit but will still be able to reschedule. If you cancel on me more than twice, you will not be able to book for at least 6 months if ever again. 


Why do you have deposits?

Deposits show me you are committed to your appointment and the tattoo you are going to get. If you are planning on showing up and have enough money for your tattoo, a deposit of $200 should be no problem. If you are nervous about losing your deposit because you don’t have the money or are afraid you might not make it to your appointment, then you shouldn’t make an appointment with me. 


Do I have to submit a booking request every time I want to get tattooed?

You will need to go through the booking process of each new tattoo idea. If you are getting a tattoo that requires multiple sessions you are allowed to book up to 3 appointments in advance and will get priority booking every month. Also you can book a new appointment at the end of a tattoo appointment if you know exactly what you will be wanting next. 


What is an intentional tattoo?

An intentional tattoo is a tattoo experience. It is a marking on the skin intentionally picked out and placed on the body to tell your story  and aid in personal healing, growth, and development. 


What clothes should I wear?

I feel it is best to be as comfortable as possible while getting tattooed so feel free to wear your pjs! Also it is very important to wear clothes that allow you to fully expose the area you are getting tattooed. You can always change clothes at my shop. If you have any questions about what would be best to wear for your appointment, don’t hesitate to ask! 

  • Flannels, zip up hoodies, and cardigans are great options for torso tattoos. You can wear them backwards or button/ zip them half way and still stay mostly covered but have good exposure to the area being tattooed. 

  • Skirts and loose shorts are great options for leg tattoos.

  • Tank tops are great for arm tattoos.  

  • Blankets, towels, or shawls can also be a good option to wrap around your body. 

  • Slippers are great to wear after getting a foot tattoo.

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